How the Latinx Beauty Industry is Dealing with the Pandemic


The Latinx beauty industry is one of the pinnacles of equality since it’s been built upon an inclusive and diverse workforce. Sadly, the pandemic has brought quite a few challenges to this area of commerce.


Rather than taking it lying down, the industry has been doing its best to fight back against the disruptions of COVID-19. This article will cover some of the ways that the industry has been coping.


Online launches

Now that trade shows and expos are temporarily canceled due to public health risks, many beauty companies are taking their product launches online. By doing so, they can still reach their audience without endangering the lives of both their customers and employees.

Expo West 2020 was set to have over 3,000 exhibitors and 86,000 attendees but got canceled due to the pandemic. The Vegas PMU Conference opted for online streaming to give exhibitors the exposure they need — albeit not as much as a physical event would’ve garnered.

This goes to show that even the most noteworthy conventions aren’t exempt from the reach of this virus. Companies are seeing massive drops in their revenue because they’re simply losing the opportunity to promote their products at events.

eCommerce over brick and mortar

More and more cosmetic companies are transitioning to an eCommerce business model since the foot traffic in shopping malls has decreased by 60%. It’s unclear if long-time industry leaders will make the shift in time or see their downfalls like Nokia and BlackBerry.

It’s far too easy to fade into obscurity if you don’t move with the times.

Revlon’s first quarter shows an 18% decline in their net sales, while L’Oreal saw a 4.8% drop in their sales during the same period. In fact, one of the things that helped Fresame maintain strong sales figures throughout the pandemic is its strong online distribution network and loyal customers who order online and have the product safely delivered to their homes.

Increase in local sourcing

With supply chain problems caused by closed borders resulting from the pandemic, the beauty industry has been gravitating toward local sources. These challenges aren’t all bad, the influx of new money into local resources is increasing economies where beauty companies reside. With this new force in the economy, one might expect to see a sort of renaissance within the local industry – something Fresame is proud to be a part of.

In addition to partnering with local suppliers, vertical integration is also becoming more common, with beauty companies taking cues from the automotive giant, Tesla, on how to ensure steady supply and high margins while manufacturing everything locally.

After all, sourcing locally is not only cheaper but also supports the surrounding economy.

Remote workers

Most employees in cosmetic companies have gone remote, opting for a work-from-home arrangement to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This skeletal system has been effective at minimizing infection since R&D and QA staff are the only ones required to physically go to work at cosmetic facilities.

Modern technology has eased this transition and showed many companies that going remote is easier and safer than they thought.

What you can do

If you want to support the Latinx beauty industry, the best thing you can do is continue to buy high-quality products from manufacturers like Fresame and share Latinx product lines with your friends. At the end of the day, it’s often individual consumers that sustain industries in times of hardship.

Our products are cruelty-free and made with the finest ingredients to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

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The Importance of Cruelty-Free Mascara



While some may try to downplay the issue, there’s no arguing that testing on animals in the cosmetics industry is widespread at an unimaginably large scale. The latest data from Cruelty-Free International showed that at least 192 million animals were used for scientific purposes in a single year.


The United States ranks second in the number of animal testing cases, behind only China which has around 5 million more incidents. That means that America is responsible for nearly 10% of the entire global testing impact on the animal population.


A problem of such massive proportions isn’t going away on its own anytime soon, which is why we as individual buyers must take a stand. Supporting cruelty-free products is the best way to fight back against those who think animals’ suffering is worth profiting from.

5 Reasons You Should Buy Cruelty-Free Products

#1 Cruelty

Of course, the main reason that you should avoid cruelty-free products is to discourage companies from incorporating inhumane testing procedures in their production process. By depriving them of sales, you’ll create incentives for them to be more ethical.

Hamsters, mice, and rabbits are all prominent victims of the cosmetic industry. However, rodents and bunnies aren’t the only animals at stake. Even dogs like chihuahuas are used to test how painful a particular product is when dripped on the eyes. The answer? Very.

#2 Healthier

It’s not just about saving animals; you could also be helping yourself when you use cruelty-free products. In general, cosmetics that don’t include animal testing in their manufacturing process tend to be healthier for humans as well.

This is likely because the ingredients in cruelty-free products are safer than the artificial formulas you might find from more unethical companies. Cruelty-free products are usually made without synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and carcinogens.

#3 Unethical products are gross in more ways than one

Yes, products that involve animal cruelty are gross in the ethical sense, but they’re also gross in a more literal sense. For instance, carmine is a popular color additive in regular lipsticks. What you might not know is that it’s made out of crushed bugs.

Yes, you’re smearing bugs on your mouth in addition to supporting unethical practices. Furthermore, makeup brushes made from animal products are usually constructed using fur from the tail of animals, which is dangerously close to an area where the sun doesn’t shine.

Try Fresame’s Cruelty-Free Mascara

Now that you’re well-informed on the benefits that cruelty-free mascara has over the less ethical options on the market, it’s time to get a mascara that meets your needs without harming any animals. We also fully guarantee that our products don’t contain any bugs!

You can get your volumizer mascara for just $18 and become the next satisfied customer to find out that cruelty-free is just as beautiful for your face as it is for the animals you’re saving. Until next time, stay happy and ethical!

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